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We are a multidisciplinary creative agency from Arecibo, Puerto Rico.  🇵🇷


© 2023. Designed by a89 Creative Agency.

Pina Records

During my tenure at Pina Records (4years) I worked as a creative director of sorts, but our creativity was not limited to that position, some of the other services provided were  designing all the company’s roster individual websites, maintaining and running social media channels, photography, event photography, collateral/pop for both digital and print, album and single designs, editing of music videos and directing/producing  and our favorite music production. Pina Records was our school and Rafy, our mentor and at times kinda like a big brother.

Rafy Pina / Pina Records

Design, Branding, Collateral (Print & Digital), Video, Music Production, Photography, Social Media Management, Web Design.